My Life with Vasculitis

Why You Can’t Ignore Your Feet

Why You Can’t Ignore Your Feet
The Propet Lifewalker Sneaker Hey there everyone! Well today was the day that I finally (yes, finally after two long years) that I finally replaced my worn out pair of LifeWalker sneakers. Why the long wait you may be thinking to yourselves as you read this post… Well let me tell you why I waited so long to do this…umm…sheer [...]

Hip Replacement:30 Days Later

Hip Replacement:30 Days Later
Well it’s been almost 30 days since I had my hip procedure and I thought it was time to update everyone about my progress. First of all there is still some swelling where the procedure occurred but I think that’s normal and to be expected. The swelling of my right leg has ceased and so I’m not getting up at all hours having [...]

Hello from OrangeMedical Medical Cent...

Hello from OrangeMedical Medical Center!
Okay so we’re now three days removed from hip surgery and I’m pleased to announce that I came through the procedure intact. They also placed a filter in me to catch any future clots that I may create in the future and the reason for this was because on Sunday the 27th I went to ORMC because I had thought that I had a new clot that [...]

15 Days and Counting for My New Hip

15 Days and Counting for My New Hip
Lately it feels as if I’m in a countdown mode to the 31st of this month…and in all fairness I suppose that I am because in another 15 days from today I have a date with my orthopedic surgeon and a new hip. My Mental Outlook For those of you reading this and trying to figure out if I’m okay with having this procedure, well th [...]

My Hip Procedure: A Three Hour Educat...

My Hip Procedure: A Three Hour Education
Hip Procedure Folder In my last post “Hip Replacement July 21st: The Prep Work Begins” you may have noticed the picture to the left, which is the cover photo on the folder that was handed out for a three-hour course that was a requirement for my upcoming hip procedure. The course given by Orange Regional Medical Center is a combin [...]

Hip Replacement July 21st: The Prep W...

Hip Replacement July 21st: The Prep Work Begins
FMLA Papers With a little more than a month until I have the hip procedure ( at this point I can’t wait!) it’s time to handle all the things that I have to have done before I head to Orange Regional Medical Center for the procedure. As you can see from the above picture i have to do my part and fill out the paperwork for my wife s [...]

It’s Not an Ordinary Hip Replac...

It’s Not an Ordinary Hip Replacement When You Have Vasculitis
Hip Implant Device Hello and welcome to the first of many updates about my upcoming hip procedure in July. First let’s take a couple of steps back in time and start out with what led to my eventual diagnosis of Avascular Necrosis. Back in June and July of 2012 a few things happened… First I found myself in the new Orange Regional [...]

News and a Few Updates

News and a Few Updates
My Latest News & Updates Well I really don’t do this very often but I thought I should provide a few updates about what I’m doing and the results of the fundraiser that I held back on the 6th of this month. Okay so my first fundraiser The Vasculitis Blogathon: Blogging for a Cure was a success on a few levels so I’ll exp [...]

The Quest for Balance Part Four: Enl...

The Quest for Balance Part Four:  Enlightenment
Hello there everyone and welcome to the final part of my series on”My Quest for Balance” and in this final part I’m going to focus on Enlightenment…with an extra component, and I’ll hit upon that shortly. The biggest thing I’ve come to realize about this quest has a lot to do with “Enlightenment” [...]

A Guest Post from My Friend Nickolina...

A Guest Post from My Friend Nickolina Jacoby
Before I even got started with my fundraiser this afternoon a friend of mine from Facebook and a writer as well contacted me and had a post written for me as her way of lending support for this day long event (which is thankfully winding down now!) anbd so with out further adieu, I give to you for your and my reading pleasure…Nickolina [...]